Rehabilitation: a future challenge of Robotics

Eventi patrocinati da SIRN gratuiti 09 Dicembre 2019 IRCCS San Raffaele Roma
Via di Val Cannuta, 247, Roma


Numerous evidence-based efficacy studies demonstrate that a high-intensity, repetitive early rehabilitation can promote the recovery of specific impairments following neurological disease and, thus, improving the
body functions.
Robotic technologies represent an innovative therapeutic opportunity for patients not only regarding their effect on motor recovery but also for optimizing the quality of treatments and, as a result, improving the autonomy of the patient and his/her quality of daily living and participation to social life. Accordingly, robotics supporting rehabilitation activities allows patients with severe disability to achieve a better quality of life.
Also at the IRCCS San Raffaele Pisana Rome, robotic systems are applied to perform more effective and personalized rehabilitation treatments, providing a significant contribution to the excellent routine health care and scientific research activities.
This cutting-edge scientific event emphasizes the importance of robotics for the future of rehabilitation. Several international and national world-leading experts in Robotic Rehabilitation will share and discuss their most recent experiences and findings related to this theme.