2020 SCI Neuromodulation Symposium

Eventi internazionali 04 Aprile 2020 - 06 Aprile 2020 Louisville, Kentucky USA Louisville, Kentucky USA

Neuromodulation Symposium April 6-8th, 2020

Moving Beyond Isolated Systems
A whole-body approach to understanding spinal cord injury, recovery, and the current scientific evidence for neuromodulation.



Moving Beyond Isolated Systems: a whole body approach to spinal cord injury, recovery, and the current scientific evidence for neuromodulation
The spinal cord is a signal integration and communication matrix that serves to maintain systemic homeostasis under varying conditions. Spinal cord injury (SCI) perturbs the ability of the spinal cord to maintain homeostasis, which has synergistic and interdependent whole-body consequences.

Neuromodulation has shown the ability to recover levels of homeostasis across many body systems. Rather than viewing the pathophysiology of SCI from an isolated organ-system perspective, this meeting will place the study of SCI in the context of medical and biological “Systems Theory” which emphasizes an integrated whole-body approach to treatment of illness and/or injury.

The goal of this meeting will be to initiate discussions and encourage dialogue that expands the focus of the SCI field from isolated organ-system dysfunction to the study of the multi-system, inter-related, consequences of spinal cord injury.

Sessions will focus on the far-reaching effects of spinal cord injury on the whole body. Session topics include Spinal Cord Injury’s Whole-Body Effect on the Autonomic System, Spinal Cord Injury and Metabolic Disease, and Muscle as an Endocrine Organ. This Symposium will offer an unprecedented focus on understanding the current science of neuromodulation and evidence to support how thispractice of can improve locomotor skills, autonomic function, and overall health for persons with spinal cord injury.