2° European R2S2 Robotic Rehabilitation Summer School

13 Maggio 2019 - 18 Maggio 2019 Santo Stefano Rehabilitation Center Porto Potenza Picena (MC), Italy

The teaching program develops in 6 full days and is characterized by highly qualified contents in Rehabilitation. Each day consists of a first part of theoretical training and a second part of broad functional and practical approach, in order to acquire the skills necessary to use the innovative and technological devices of PRM.
In addition, the aim of this 2nd edition is to provide competence also for the building and management of data collection and research activity in the medical use of these devices, even to create a further international collaboration net in the rehabilitation activity. In this aim we are creating a dedicated interactive Web site to develop a true European network for share datas and informations, experiences and research projects in Advanced technologies in Rehabilitation: we will involve all the Robotic Committee Members, all members of Faculties and participants in RRSS, first and second edition.
The learning activity will be completely in English.
The School will be under the organization of ESPRM Robotic Committee and in deep cooperation with UEMS PRM Section and UEMS PR Board, remaining confirmed too the cooperation with IISART, Simfer, Sirn and Ancona Medical University, while Santo Stefano (KOS Group) will be partner for event secretariat and will take care of logistic and hospitality for teachers and students.
Attendants will be up to a maximum of 25 in order to guarantee the best implementation of the practical internship activity on the different devices with the guidance of an adequate number of qualified trainers.
Alessandro Giustini, Chair of ESPRM Robotic Committee

Elisa Andrenelli, PRM Physicians, PhD Dept. of Experimental and Clinical Medicine - “Politecnica delle Marche” University, Ancona Donatella Bonaiuti, Physiatrist, Member of the SIMFER’s Board Marianna Capecci, Assistant Professor of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine - Dept. of Experimental and Clinical Medicine- “Politecnica delle Marche” University, Ancona Maria Chiara Carrozza, Dir. Scientifico Fondazione Don Gnocchi Maria Gabriella Ceravolo, Professor of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine - Dept. of Experimental and Clinical Medicine- “Politecnica delle Marche” University, Ancona Maria Elena Collina, PRM specialist, Santo Stefano Rehabilitation Group Antonio De Tanti, PRM specialist, Santo Stefano Rehabilitation Group, Scientific Commitee Coordinator Marco Franceschini, Professore Ordinario in Medicina Fisica e Riabilitazione, Università San Raffaele - Roma Alessandro Giustini, School Scientific Director - Chair of ESPRM Committee “Robotic in Rehabilitation”. Scientific Director of San Pancrazio Rehabilitation Hospital, Arco (Trento) - Santo Stefano Rehabilitation Group Alvydas Jocevicious, MD, PhD Rehabilitation, Physical and Sport Medicine Center, Medical Faculty Vilnius University, Vilnius University Hospital Santariskiu Kliniko. Lithuania Maya Keller, Product Manager, Hocoma AG - Switzerland Elena Ilieva, MD, PhD Head of Department of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine Medical University of Plovdiv Vice Dean of Medical Faculty Plovdiv, Bulgaria Thierry Lejeune, Médecine Physique et Réadaptation - Cliniques universitaires Saint-Luc Stefano Mazzoleni, PhD Assistant Professor, The BioRobotics Institute, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Pisa Paolo Moretti, Direttore Unità Operativa di Medicina Fisica e Riabilitazione, Istituto G. Gaslini - Genova Antonello Morgantini, PRM specialist, Santo Stefano Rehabilitation Group Clinical Chief Lucia Pepa, Engineer, PostDoc Fellow, Dept. of Experimental and Clinical Medicine “Politecnica delle Marche” University, Ancona Daiana Popa, Clinical Rehabilitation Hospital Felix Spa, Romania - General Secretary of the Romanian Society of Rehabilitation Medicine Federico Posteraro, Person in charge for Rehabilitation Department North Zone and Director of Rehabilitation Unit Versilia Hospital, AUSL Toscana Nord Ovest Sanaz Pournajaf, Physiotherapist & Clinical Researcher, Department of Neurorehabilitation, IRCCS San Raffaele Pisana, Rome (Italy) Henk Stam, President European Academy of Rehab Med.
Daniela Tulli, PRM specialist, Santo Stefano Rehabilitation Group Massimo Vallasciani, PRM specialist, Santo Stefano Rehabilitation Group Daniele Volpe, Fisiatra - Villa Margherita, Santo Stefano Riabilitazione, Vicenza Mauro Zampolini, President UEMS-PRM Section (European Union of Medical Specialist - Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine) - Unità Sanitaria Locale Umbria N° 2 - NHS - Director of Department of Rehabilitation - Director of Neurology and Rehabilitation Ward Foligno Hospital Baldini Stefania, Bovara Alessio, Bovari Paola, Buontempo Katy (Riserva), Cesareo Gloria, Chiara Spagnuolo, Cipriani Michela, Curzi Marta, Fioschini Paola, Gaetani Lorena, Garruto Costanza, Grillo Camilla, Meschini Elisabetta, Montagnoli Laura, Palmieri Michela Sara, Perini Andrea, Ruffini Roberta, Sparapani Alessandro, Tacconi Annalisa, Zucchini Elisa

Alessandro Giustini, Mauro Zampolini, Maria Gabriella Ceravolo, Thierry Lejeune, Elena Ilieva, Nicolas Christodoulou, Henk Stam, Daiana Popa, Alvydas Juocevicious, Stefano Mazzoleni, Maria Chiara Carrozza, Antonio DeTanti, Massimo Vallasciani.

How to apply How to apply The event is open to a maximum of 25 participants and is open to physicians specialists and specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation.
Participation is subject to enrollment and the payment of dues € 794, 00 VAT included.
The application form can be submitted online through the Santo Stefano Rehabilitation Group site: summerschool.sstefano.it no later than 6 May 2019.
Registration will be confirmed by an email.
As the limited number event, participation requests will be considered in the order of arrival.
General management Participants and Faculty will be hosted, also for dinner, all together in Hotel; transportation will be offered in the morning from Hotel (to be defined) to Rehabilitation Hospital, with return in the afternoon at 17.30.
During the 5 Days a light lunch will be served at 13.00 in the KOS - Santo Stefano Rehabilitation Hospital or MioLab Facility.
The Lectures and speeches in the first part of morning will be given in the Conference room; afterwards, the participants will move to look at clinical treatments and directly test robotic and advanced devices in laboratories. At the end of training the participants will meet Faculty in the Conference room for questions and final discussion.
A social dinner will take place on Friday evening Event Secretariat Servizio Formazione, Istituto di Riabilitazione S. Stefano Via Aprutina, 194 - 62018 Porto Potenza Picena (MC) Tel. +39 0733 689400 - Fax +39 0733 689403 - email: formazione@sstefano.it